Step Up Traffic is the latest innovation in Traffic Exchanges.

Most TE's offer dynamic surfing but we have taken this to a new level.
Dynamic Member levels. And it's all FREE.


hot it works


  • Members begin on the FREE step and when they have surfed 100 sites, move to STEP ONE. This step gives them an increased surf ratio plus bonus daily credits, banners, text ads etc.
  • Members remain on Step One for 1 day and if they surf 100 sites during that day they step up to STEP TWO.
  • Members then get another increase in surf ratio plus another increase in daily bonuses.
  • Step increases continue, with increasing bonuses until the member reaches STEP FIVE, the highest step.
  • Once at Step Five the member remains there providing 100 sites are surfed each day. If, at any time the member does not surf 100 sites in a day they return to the bottom, FREE step.

We do provide options to members that enable them to remain at the step levels without surfing.


other ways
check Members receive Free Trackers to check the performance of their ads.
check Members receive a Free Branded Rotator to quickly adjust their campaigns.
check We provide a Downline Builder for your downline to join sites from your links.
check Stepped Up members are able to claim prizes whilst surfing, some are cash.
check Members receive increasing bonuses as they Step Up.

Step Up Traffic offers much, much more with promotions,
promo codes etc so!

What are you waiting for?
Sign up now and start "stepping up"



the advantage

We provide Free High Quality traffic to your website.
You just can't beat the appeal of no-cost online advertising.
We are viral and traffic increases automatically and exponentially.
We pay commissions when your referrals purchase credits or upgrades.
We are a proven way for thousands of advertisiers promoting web pages.
We are targetted and you get real time targeted traffic to your site by real people.



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